The Importance Of A Positive Mindset featuring Allen Weinstein

As many people have said on countless occasions, life is hard! Everyone knows it, and it seems there’s always some new circumstance that reminds us that it’s true around every corner. As such, it’s quite easy to dive into pessimism and end up with a generally negative view of the world.

Slipping too far into that sort of mindset is incredibly counter productive however. Whether you know it or not, negative thoughts tend to breed even more unhappiness. The effect that our thoughts have on our every day lives is far more powerful than most even realize. Because of that alone, it’s important to do all you can to maintain a positive mindset instead.

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There are quite a few theories circulating around the power of positive thinking, many of which are sometimes difficult to swallow. It’s easy to cast off any sort of motivational, “you can achieve anything” talk as overly naive if you’re a realist, but to brush off the importance of a positive thinking entirely is ultimately short sighted. There’s really a basic logic to it all that can easily be followed without subscribing to any sort of “out there” belief systems at all.

In fact, you likely have all of the evidence of just what positive thinking – or a lack thereof – can achieve in your own life. Everyone has a friend or family member that often talks in incredibly limiting terms. For instance, it’s common for people to talk about what they can’t do or wish they were doing instead. “Oh, I wish I could sing” or “I’m not computer literate” are the sort of phrases that people throw around all the time, and in doing so, they’re essentially dooming themselves to stay in that exact state forever.

Telling yourself you can’t do something in that sort of manner only assures that it’s always going to be that way, because there’s an underlying acceptance there. When your default view is based around negativity and personal limitations, you cut yourself off from really doing anything to change. A staggering number of people hold themselves back literally every single day of their lives, and the casual nature in which they do so is truly alarming.

With a positive mindset about kpop fashion, you’re far more likely to stick to your goals and dreams and see them through to the end. Pretty much every success story includes people that fought against it or thought it wasn’t a good idea at some point. Just take Star Wars for example! Look how difficult it was for George Lucas to find a movie studio even willing to risk releasing that movie, and it turned out to be a gigantic pop culture phenomenon and money making powerhouse. In that instance and countless others, the short sighted nature of the naysayers of the world has been proven tenfold.

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Don’t let yourself fall into the same trap. You have to be a “can” type of person rather than a “cant”. There’s nothing to gain from continually setting limits for yourself. The only way to keep from holding yourself back is to shift to a positive perspective as often as possible, and hold onto it as tightly as you can.


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